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April 21         Janet Janssen  

Live  your Dreams, Find your Passion, THRIVE!!!

She will be talking about the upcoming 21/30 Club, starts April 21, online program and her  two LIVE workshops April 26 & 27, Live an Audacious Life.

Each stand alone event offers amazing results & fun.

April 26: Full day, exploring success strategies and tactics for creative and  interactive insights giving the attendee practical takeaways. Tools & exercises to help complete those unmet Q 1 goals.

April 27: Half day event takes your dreams, passions and insights and explores how to use vision boards and other creative art forms that reveal how you can achieve and release those block from getting you what you want.  To help you thrive in life!

My focus in all the workI do is about  Balance: Mind, Body & Spirit.

Special rates and prices (materials included)

Ask yourself these questions?

What have you always wanted to do, but haven’t? What one thing would you like to learn, but haven’t? If you knew you were going to die after reading these words, what next action would to take to fulfill an unbroken promise to yourself?

Find out what you can do to revive your sense of wonder and curiosity and live the life you want, now, so that you can THRIVE!


FREE Webinar Series has begun, join us…

 What is this series all about?     Balance…Solution…Healing…Change…Recharging Starts 7:00pm through 8:00pm  PST, every Monday evening:


Past Speakers:

Mar. 31       Kym Haas, LMFT ,CADACII

Healing Trauma:  Defrag and Heal. Freeing my Bytes for Change

Mar. 24       Janine Avila, International Speaker

Reboot-Refresh-Reinvent for healthy change and success or 22 reasons to increase your energy.

Amazing speaker and international success coach and strategist.

Mar. 17       Dorothy Fitzer

Embracing Mind-Body Connection

This presentation will focus on:

The importance of bringing a body-centered approach into your process of growth and healing.

Key foundational principles from Chi Gung and the Feldenkrais Method that can give you immediate results.

Creating a relaxed and comfortable body and mind

Mar. 10       Margo Hinnenkamp    Transformational Travel: How it can Change your Life and provide Self-care you need.  Come join and learn how retreats not only provide relaxation, but also renew and restore our mind, body and spirits.

Mar. 3          Rebeca Villafana        Inner & Outer Beauty: Unlocking the Gates to                                                                                      Everlasting Change

Feb. 24        Lisa Carter                  Meditation tips for Success in Changing Habits

Feb. 17        Roxann Bauerle         Finding Your Brave

Feb. 10        Sara Bronson            3 Keys to Changing Money Habits

Feb. 3          Janet Janssen            21/30 Club/Stress less and SMART Goals

Jan. 27        Kathleen Sullivan        Dreams: Profound Motivators for Change

Jan. 20        Mary Crocker-Cook   Boundry Setting for Wellness

Jan. 13        Janet Janssen            Launches Webinar series and overall speaker topics


Janet Janssen, Creative Workshops for a Change, 21/30 club program

21/30 Club booklet,by Janet Janssen

Next  21/30 Club program

starts in April 21, 2014


Also, get your receive FREE pdf about the 5 Keys to Concepts to Habit Change, as used in the program.  


Janet Janssen, MANIFEST CHANGE, Creative Workshops for a Change

21/30 Club teaches habit changes, true stories about life changes

NEW BOOK, Manifest Change

is coming soon!  

Click Here to learn more

As soon as the publishers give me the word this book will be for sale on my website.

You can shoot me an email and I will make sure you get your copy.


I  will let you know how to order. Be sure to give me your full name, phone #.          thank you :> 

Past Events in 2013_______________________

September 26th, Womens Network Alliance Event in San Jose.


Thank you all for coming!

Hear me speak and 5 other experts and learn how to be more productive, efficient and effective in your professional and personal lives. The Productivity Puzzle is Revealed!

Sign up today:      http://www.wnaevents.com/

The 3rd Annual WNA Networking Mixer in San Jose, Sept. 26th  and is open to the public.

Located: The Success Center, Mountain View,  875 Maude Ave.,#5

Time: 8:30 am-3:00pm

Tickets include:  6 lectures, Continental Breakfast & Box Lunch, Vendor Tradeshow, Raffle tickets.

Cost:  $35 regular, WNA memberbers $30


Up coming ‘New’ book to help you Manifest Change. I will be selling this book online, targeting late fall.

I will be authoring a chapter with Erica Glessing, publisher/author of this project, along with other authors in this upcoming book: Manifest Change, in print early 2014, if not sooner!

My contribution to the book will be:

Changing a Habit is Changing Our Minds

I will be talking about how we develop our core beliefs at an early age and how these beliefs can carry into our adult lives, creating poor choices and habits. I will also offer case studies that have benefited from the 21/30 Club™:  Change a Habit and Create New Brain Power for Success, a program I developed to help persons who desire habit change and just haven’t figured out a way to make this happen for themselves.

I talk about my program below and in one of my blogs. Currently, this pilot program will be available in an audio program and at the end of August more material will be available regarding this program.

I will be offering book sales on my website. You can be assured I will shout this out to the world when everything is in print!

The 21/30 Club© begins.    What is the 21/30 Club?bookcover                        ©2013 by Janet Janssen

This new pilot program is dedicated to changing a negative habit or pattern into a positive one.

This new pilot program is structured for 30 days.  Behavioral science tells us that it generally takes 21 days to change a habit. Recent studies in neuroscience are suggesting that it takes about 30 to 45 days to develop a new neuropathway.  I combine behavioral and neurological evidence based research to affect lasting change in my 21/30 Club program.

Why is this important to know?

Neuroscience studies confirm that by taking consistent actions or practicing repetitive thinking patterns we can create  new neuropathways.  These are formed, like thin strands and they become strong links to reinforcing the new habits.

Our brain is not concerned with, “is this a good habit or bad one?”, it only responds to thought, releases an electrical impulse to another neuron and becomes stronger and stronger with redundantcy.  We can make the choice. We must decide to retrain our brain in positive directions.

Please read more on this subject in my blogs.


June 23    How to Pull Yourself Out of a Rut!

This event was amazing!   See all the testimonials and pictures!







Coming in August 17 and 18

Play Day in the Arts: Food for the Soul -Fun and creative day for professionals who desire a way to de-stress, make new friends and simply play!  Neuroscience tells us that learning new things helps to increase brain memory, flexibility and problem solve.





June 23, 2013 How to Pull Yourself Out of a Rut-

Click highlight above for FULL DETAILS


May 9:   WAAT (Women’s Association of Addiction Treatment)

www.waat.us   Chapter Santa Clara, California

Welcome LMFT, MFT, LCSW and all persons who

work in the field of Addiction Treatment.

Guest Speaker presentation May 9, 2013:

Janet Janssen, CHT, EFT, Certified NLP Practitioner
Title:  Emotion Regulation (DBT) and NLP
Please read my May blog.
June 9, Sunday, Balance Health of Ben Lomond
Suffering from Physical Pain?
Pain Relief Seminar:
Guest Speaker: Jenny Call, Massage and Myofascial Practitioner of Santa Cruz will be joining Janet Janssen, CHT, EFT, NLP Practitioner at Balance Health to help pain suffers using various therapeutic models who experience ongoing chronic to mild pain.
  • Learn how visualization and self-hypnosis techniques can help to manage your pain
  • Learn how to reframe & process negative thought patterns about your pain
  • Learn how massage & myofascial release therapy can help to eliminate pain & restore motion.
  • Learn how unblocking old beliefs about pain can stifle feelings of hope about your recovery process
  • Experience relief without using drugs
Evidence based neuroscience studies support the neurophysiology therapies of massage, hynoptherapy, visualization, neurolinguistics and other holistic approaches. Myofascial therapy releases blocked & tangled energy held inside and around our muscle groups & vital organs due to injury or traumas.


Get Your Mojo Back workshop attendee’s March 10, 2013

March3.10.group I love developing and leading  these workshops.

To see how important  play is to our learning  process and at the same time,  we can engage with others reinforcing our value as a person.

Very healing and fun! Never let go our your dreams, continue to challenge your fears and walk with them to the other side. The end result of this process is higher self worth and some extra  MOJO Manifestingtheirdreamsin your life!

March 17th attendee’s:  Mojo exercise:

Manifesting Your Past.Present and Future

dreams, goals and aspirations.




GET YOUR MOJO BACK- Upcoming  March 2013 Workshops

go to www.janetjanssen.com for register details  and

pay for classes at:  http://www.balancehealthofbenlomond.com/ 831-336-1300

Free  PREVIEW workshop:

March 6, 6:30-7:30 at Balance Health of Ben Lomond

Located in downtown Ben Lomond

231-A Main St., Ben Lomond, Ca.  95005


March 10, Get Your Mojo Back   $39.00

Time: 1:00-4:00pm

Location:  Balance Health of Ben Lomond

March 17, Play in the Arts: Food for the Soul  $39.00

Fun & Creative exercises that will solidify the March 10 workshop

Time: 1:00-4:00pm

Location:  Balance Health of Ben Lomond

‘Getting your Mojo back’ is designed to explore how we set goals  and make decisions, yet forget that our levels of motivation must rate high with our intentions.

In January’s, Setting Goals You Can Win at!  teleconference we explored ‘how to set goals’. It became clear to to everyone attending that intentions must be backed up by  high levels of motivation. And,many discovered that they needed help to get ‘motivated’ ; they felt like they had lost their Mojo.

This workshop will explore how making decisions can stick and motivations  last. Making decisions do have a structure to them with criteria. Using NLP (neuro linquistic programming exercises), we can follow the sequence of decision making and learn some motivational strategies.  Our motivations deal with either moving towards or away from our goals, so learning how to develop a compelling future can be learned, by using all of our sensory systems , associations and focus.

Another fun technique is what Walt Disney used with his team of engineers in creating the Wonderful World of Disneyland.  Walt was a dreamer, but he knew how to be actualize his dream into a plan by using  the proper amount of criteria, which today millions of people are enjoying his outcome~ Disneyland.


Wake Up Santa Cruz, November 1, 2012  7:30a-9:00a

Register: Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce  $15.00   sign up AFTER Oct. 4th event.

Fearless in Heels and Suits~releasing stress & mind clutter

Let’s face it. We live in a world of 24/7, where fast is faster in an ever changing world. Facing our fears is a must in managing the stress we experience every day.

Join Janet for a morning wake up meeting for a playful and thought provoking workshop that will engage you in simple, but effective ways to relieve stress and enhance clarity of thought and action:

  • Learn simple exercises that can release stress on the spot
  • Clear away mind clutter using an NLP technique
  • Take away exercises you can use at work or home
  • Wake up your brain cells and play!

Research in neuroscience encourages diet & physical activity to help with cognitive aging and supports the value of ‘games & exercises’ for stress reduction & clearing mind clutter. We must remember that our mind, body and spirit connections are one.

Learn how to  Stress Less     *FREE

(no lecture…just creative techniques & play time)

November 5, Monday, 1:30-2:30 pm

At Santa Cruz County AOR

2525 Main St. # I , Soquel, Ca. 95973

  • Simple energizing exercises to start your day
  • Fun group game to stimulate the brain and increase memory
  • Breath work technique at your desk, to calm you down or bring a smile
  • Bonus:   Lotus Flower meditation demonstration (actual lotus flower appear)

MUST Rsvp : 831-464-2000 or cheryl@mysccar.org

Or register online at: www.mysccar.org 

*(donations accepted for material costs)



Turning road blocks into high performance living! — 8 Comments

  1. Hi do you offer other workshops? I live in Canada and am looking for something like this with the creativity focus on identifying and de stressing stress.

  2. My first group of 21/30 Club members finished on Aug.3! We all had habits we wanted to change. Us having weekly webinars made the process supportive and fun! Thank you Lisa, Cynthia, Mary and Henry! You are all amazing people. Good work.

  3. Hallo Jeanette,
    Britta und ich haben Deine Webseite bewundert. Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Wir hoffen, dass Du viel Erfolg hast und wünschen Dir alles Gute – Norbert+Britta

  4. Hello Janet – I’d like to sign up for your webinar on Monday, Feb 3rd.
    Am not sure where to do so.

    (We met in San Diego in October on the BVB seminar)

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